Hachioji-jinja Shinto Shrine.


Hachioji-jinja Shinto Shrine, located near the ruins of Honmaru palace, the main enclosure of Hachioji Castle, is said to be the origin of the name of Hachioji City.
In 916, a monk named Myoko built a hermitage here.
He enshrined Gozutenno and eight other princes, calling them “Hachioji Gongen”. This is believed to be the origin of Hachioji-jinja Shinto Shrine. When Hojo Ujiteru built a castle in this area, he enshrined Hachioji Gongen as a guardian deity, and the castle came to be called “Hachioji Castle”.
There is a shrine building built in the late Edo period (mid-19th century) with Hengaku(a signboard) that says “Hachioji” on it. The Hengaku has been designated as a tangible cultural property of Hachioji City and is stored in the Hachioji City Historical Museum.