Hachioji Geigi (Hachioji Geisha)


In Soto(Hachioji), which flourished as a textile town, a geisha quarter (called kagai) developed.
Merchants from all over the country came to Soto to buy textiles, and Soto merchants entertained their guests at ryotei restaurants.
Before World War II, Mt. Takao also became a place of hospitality.
At the Yakuo-in Temple’s Autumn Grand Festival, a “Maisenkuyo” (memorial service for fans used in dances) was held.
These events show the deep devotion of Hachioji Geigi Syu (Hachioji Geisha people) to Yakuo-in.
The Hachioji Geigi Syu has been handing down the history of Soto through songs and dances for many years.
We can see the Geigi Shu dancing at various events in the city, including the Hachioji Festival.