Takiyama Castle Ruins.


Takiyama Castle was the residence of Hojo Ujiteru before he built Hachioji Castle.
Ujiteru was adopted by Oishi clan, who is said to have built the castle, and lived here, expanding and renovating the castle.
Takiyama Castle was built by taking advantage of the steep cliffs to the north and the intricate valleys to the south.
The Dorui, Karabori, Horikiri, Kuruwa, Umadashi, etc. were also built using skillful civil engineering techniques.
Takiyama Castle Ruins are designated as a national historic site and are also selected as one of the best 100castles of Japan second selection.
Ujiteru defended this castle against the invasion of a large force of Takeda Shingen with a small force. Later, Ujiteru moved his residence to Hachioji Castle, a more defensible mountain castle.