Japanese cedar called “Takao Tako Sugi(Octopus cedar)”– Mt. Takao cedars② –


This giant Japanese cedar tree is called “Tako Sugi” (octopus cedar) because its bent roots look like the legs of an octopus. It is designated as a natural monument by Hachioji City.
There is a legend about the tree as follows.
A long time ago, when the several Tengu were working on the approach to Yakuo-in Temple, they found a large cedar in the way.
After some discussion, they decided that they had no choice but to cut it down.
But once the cedar knew it, within a night, it bent its roots to clear the way.
People of former days were grateful for this legend, saying that it was the divine power of the Tengu, and enshrined this cedar as a cedar of luck to “open the way”, which has been handed down to the present.