Biwa-taki Waterfall– Waterfall Asceticism② –


“Takigyou(Waterfall Asceticism)” is a combination of the worship of waterfalls, which originated in mountain worship, and rituals to purify the body and soul.
It is said that in ancient times, Shugensha (mountain ascetics) secretly performed this ritual to purify their bodies and minds before they began their full-scale ascetic practices.
This is Biwa-taki Waterfall, one of the Waterfall Asceticism at Yakuo-in Temple.
It is said that the name comes from the shape of the waterfall basin, which resembles a Japanese lute (Biwa), or from the sound of the waterfall, which sounds like a Japanese lute.
Today, the waterfall is practiced by Shugensha, and ordinary people can also do it under their guidance.
Near the waterfall, there is a cave named “Iwaya Daishi,” where a legend about Kobo Daishi remains.