Kobotoke Checkpoint Ruins.


Hojo Ujiteru built a checkpoint at Kobotoke pass, which is the beginning of Kobotoke Checkpoint.
The checkpoint was later moved to the foot of the pass.
During the Edo period (17-19C), it was one of the most important checkpoints of the Shogunate. Today, Kobotoke Checkpoint Ruins is designated as a national historic site.
Along the old highway to the west of the Kobotoke Checkpoint Ruins, there is a building that used to be a teahouse and inn for pilgrims and ascetics visiting Mt.Takao.
There are still some “ita-maneki” prayer cards with the names of societies engraved on them. It is a reminder that this was once the main entrance to Mt.Takao.
To the east of the Kobotoke Checkpoint Ruins is the Takao Komagino Garden.
The garden is a combination of Japanese houses and gardens dating from the Taisho and early Showa periods (early 20th century), and has become a new place to relax when walking around Mt. Takao.