Stone monuments of Japanese cedar seedlings donation


In Mt. Takao, people have been donating Japanese cedar seedlings since ancient times as a way of expressing their gratitude for the fulfillment of their wishes.
As proof of this, they built stone monuments. Stone monuments of cedar seedlings donation have been erected throughout the mountain.
This is a proof of the continuous relationship between people and the mountain, the importance of the mountain, and a major feature of the Mt.Takao faith.
Some of the stone monuments are inscribed with the words “Suginae – Ichiokuhon” (100 million cedar seedlings), so look out for them.
Currently, the approach to the temple is lined with Japanese cedar seedlings donation boards that list the donations made in the previous years.
On the stone monuments and donation boards, you can see the names of places in Gunma and Saitama where the silk industry flourished.
You can learn about the expansion of Yakuo-in’s religious sphere and the deep relationship between the silk industry and Mt. Takao.