Graves of Hojo Ujiteru and his Vassals.


Nakayama Nobuharu, the grandson of Nakayama Kageyuienori, the retainer of Hojo Ujiteru, and the descendants of Ujiteru’s retainer built a memorial tower around the end of the 17th century as a memorial to Hojo Ujiteru on the 100th anniversary of his death. On either side of the memorial tower for Ujiteru are the memorial towers for Ienori Nakayama and Nobuharu Nakayama who defended the Hachioji Castle when it fell.
These are designated as historic places of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
The memorial tower for Nobuharu was built before his death to pray for his longevity, but he died before the 100th anniversary of Ujiteru’s death.
At the memorial service, Nobuharu donated a bell and Hengaku(a signboard) to Sokanji Temple.
These are designated as Tangible Cultural Properties of Hachioji City.
In the bamboo grove, more than 50 stone monuments and Buddhas stand quietly as if watching over the memorial tower.